Engineers Australia Introduces Fast Track Service for Migration Skill Assessments

It is now possible for engineers requiring a quick migration skills assessment to support their Australian visa application to use a fast track service at the point of submission of their application.

Engineers Australia is the designated authority to assess professional qualifications in engineering for the purposes of skilled migration to Australia, including the following occupations:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

Processing times for skills assessments are presently typically as follows:

  • For “non-accredited” qualifications: about 9 weeks from the date of receipt.
  • For accredited Australian and Accord qualifications: about 5 weeks.

More specifically, at the date of this article EA advises processing times are as follows:

  • CDR applications received on the 14th of June 2015 are currently with an assessing case officer
  • Washington, Sydney or Dublin ACCORD application, or accredited Australian Engineering Qualification (AEQ) received on the 15th of July 2015 are currently with an assessing case officer

From the 21st of August, 2015 it is possible to pay an additional A$250 to access EA’s Fast Track service at the point of submission of the skills assessment application.

The case should then be allocated to an assessor within 5 business days.