South Australia – A very agreeable destination for skilled migrants!

The South Australian Government has long been a keen and welcoming participant in Australia’s skilled migration program.

Go Matilda Visas encourages intending skilled migrants to review the SA wanted skilled occupations list, and to consider applying to the SA Government for nomination where their occupation has been identified as being in need in the State.

The SA Government’s website contains a list of occupations derived from the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) that are considered critical to the state of South Australia. Occupations on this list meet a minimum skill level, and are in demand in South Australia.

The list is updated annually and includes occupations in which locally skilled workers are in short supply.

The SA Government advises that: “Occupations are chosen based on detailed workforce analysis of current skill shortages and the likely demand of those skills in the future. The analysis involves extensive industry consultation with associations and industry-linked training councils. It also takes into account various other criteria such as the age of the workforce, supply from local and international graduates, and interstate migration.”

Those considering applying to the SA Government for sponsorship (or nomination – the terms are interchangeable) should have a migration skills assessment in the occupation for which sponsorship is being sought.

Remember also that sponsorship by a State or Territory Government guarantees that an Expression of Interest lodged with the Department of Immigration will progress to an invitation to apply for a subclass 190 or subclass 489 visa as soon as the State Government confirms sponsorship has been agreed.

The present South Australia wanted skilled occupations list is available here.

Please also feel able to contact us if you are interested in applying for State sponsorship from the SA Government – we’ll be pleased to discuss the procedure, the timeline, etc. Complete the form on this page and we’ll contact you.